• MachineX7

    The Chapters of Hours

    August 16, 2013 by MachineX7

    Hey everyone/anyone!

    I'm working on slowly adding chapter summaries for each chapter of hours to the wiki. I'm only getting to about one a day, but I'll get them all. If anyone would like to proof or improve a chapter feel free. Also, feel free to add any quotes you like to any of the chapters.

    After I'm done with all the chapters, I'm planning to go through each and start adding more and more details about the main characters and places and things mentioned in them. Hopefully we'll have a good size resource built up for Hours!

    -Ben / MachineX7

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  • Sheapm

    Here we go!

    February 21, 2013 by Sheapm

    Excited to see how this wiki develops over time.

    Also hoping that it won't become another stagnant wiki, like so many do!

    I'm looking forward to editing with all of you!

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