The contract is a legally binding agreement made between a carefully chosen leader of the year 6 class and Bethel Woods Orphanage. It explains the rules governing access to the gym in the lost North Quarter and what would cause violation of said contract. Birdie presents the contract to Seth in the first chapter of Hours, The Contract.

Seth's class marks the 10th year the contract has been in existence. In all that time, it has never come close to being violated.

The ContractEdit

"This contract hereby legally binds a one year agreement between the signee and Bethel Woods Orphanage, on this first day of January. The signee, along with each individual in his or her year 6 class, are granted exclusive access to the far room of the North Quarter for one hour, each day, following lunch period.

  1. Access to the room is strictly forbidden by anyone including students, headmasters, professors, admins, or any other living individual great or small other than that of the singee and their year 6 classmates for the alotted year. Any violation of the aceess restrictions will result in obstruction and breach of contract, followed by an immediate termination of the agreement.
  1. An entranceway, also known as the medium, is an enclosed section located between the end hall of the North Qarter and the assigned room. This is designed for a halfway point, where, in case of an emergency, the signee and only the signee can, but is not required, to call in an admin to apprehend the distressed. The button, near the double sided glass, can only be activated by the signee. Additionally, the distressed can only be physically taken from the room back into the medium by the signee only.
  1. No foreign objects can be brought into the room.
  1. Signee and their year 6 classmates must only remain within the walls of the room, the medium, and the north quartered hallway.
  1. Signee and their year 6 classmates must remain within the room for no longer than one hour after lunch period. A single second preceding 1:30 PM wherein the signee or their year 6 classmtes remain within the room will result in immediate termination of the agreement.
  1. Signee and their year 6 classmates must not tell a living soul about the room, the medium, the north quarter, or the agreement. Violation will result in immediate termination.