The Discoveratory was a short story narrated by Jessy Ribordy . It was recorded at the start of Falling Up Video Journal 2. It was put on YouTube shortly before the release of Fangs!

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"At first, it was more of an interest... curiosity I guess. But then slowly over time it turned into an obsession.

Countless hours I spent awake, trying to figure and refigure possiblities. Trying to analyze every possible angle that this place had. I read books, articles, searched the internet tirelessly, hoping that at least one time I might be successful.

After I gave up hope that I might ever reach my goal... I went to sleep. And that's when I dreamt of the wavy city at the end of the sphere. I was moving towards it. Millions of figures moving on on strange mechanics... all gravitating toward the dooming land. And then the voice spoke... 'We go now to the Discoveratory.'"


In 2007, one hundred and nine icelanders, between the ages of 6 and 14, disappeared into a snow tunnel.

Search parties went out for eight months to look for the missing children, and at the end they found nothing, no shred of evidence of the children or their whereabouts. The country was horified and baffled, knowing that these children went off on their own account, imbedded in such mystery as to why.

But not until this year, a man that led the party that found the children revealed the only evidence that could lead to an answer in this mystery.

A single, solitary digital tape recording marked, "The Discoveratory".